Keep Up With Hunter Lundy #11 for Governor

Here, you'll find a collection of powerful and inspiring videos that showcase Hunter's vision, message, and commitment to the people of our great state. These videos offer an intimate glimpse into Hunter's journey, his policy proposals, and the voices of those who believe in his leadership. Whether you're seeking to learn more about Hunter's stance on key issues, witness his engaging speeches, or simply draw inspiration from his passionate advocacy, this video library is your window into the heart of the campaign. Sit back, press play, and join us in charting a course toward a brighter future for Louisiana.

Democrat Shawn Wilson making the governor’s runoff isn’t necessarily a lock

You can’t put it much more bluntly than independent Hunter Lundy did at Friday’s televised governor’s debate.  “Shawn Wilson cannot win this race. He has zero chance of winning the race,” Lundy said, trying to position himself as an alternative to the party favorites in next month’s election.  

A look at the Republican-heavy field for Louisiana governor might lead one to support Lundy’s take on the situation for the top Democrat in the race. But that would be a hasty assumption based on multiple considerations unique to this election. Hunter Lundy differed from the other four candidates during the 1st televised debate

Hunter Lundy for Governor, "I Won't Let You Down"

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Lake Charles attorney Hunter Lundy joins race for governor

Conversation with Hunter Lundy, candidate for Louisiana governor